Bus 4×4 has taken the rugged Isuzu FSS 600 four-wheel drive truck and turned it into a proper walk through coach. Like the rest of the Isuzu 4×4 truck family, the FSS 600 is no stranger to tourism, but suffer from the ‘box o seats’ syndrome.

Bus 4×4 understands that this is a lazy solution so we have designed our buses to reconnect your driver with your customers. This tough as nails people mover is backed up by a comprehensive network of Isuzu dealerships nationwide.

We make them with super single wheels and tyres as standard. The dual wheel configuration is not great in sand or mud. They get rocks stuck between them and you can only get basic road tyres. Super singles give you better off road performance and tyre options and are a whole lot easier to change in the rare event of a flat.

The advantages:

  • Based on a proven Isuzu 4×4 platform
  • Full walk through coach body reunites your driver with your pax
  • Excellent seating capacities for each of the variants
  • A wide range of customisation available including super single conversions

The 600 Series 4×4 Bus can be custom made to suit a seating capacity with 28 seats and has manual transmission with spring suspension.

Isuzu cab features are maintained meaning driver comfort is assured.

Starting price from $250,000 + GST.

For a detailed specification sheet, click here