Bus 4×4 has taken the winner of the 2016 Dakar Race truck section and converted it into 2 options – The Trakker 4×4 Bus and Trakker 6×6 Bus both of which can be built from 38-53 seats.

The Iveco Trakker Buses are one of the most impressive tour vehicles available in Australia. They are genuine competitors with the Mercedes Unimog, Axor or MAN truck-bus in terms of performance, but much more affordable. The Trakkers give you military grade performance and durability without the military price tag. If your business involves serious expeditionary travel for reasonable group sizes, then you cannot go past these vehicles.

The advantages:

  • 7.9L & 12.9L Euro 5 engine generating huge power
  • Factory high and low range 4×4 with diff lockers as standard
  • Full walk through coachwork connecting driver to passengers
  • Great cost per seat (under $10,000)
  • Long service intervals and good Iveco dealer network
  • Can be configured with toilets and loads of cargo space

The benefits:

  • Wide range of customisation options
  • Massive ground clearance
  • Full time four and six wheel drive with high and low range
  • Much better bang for your buck than a Mercedes Axor or MAN truck-bus

We have recently tested the Trakker 4×4 Monster Bus in an extreme environment, by building a customised vehicle for Doha Bus, a tour operator in Qatar for sand dune tours.

Bus 4x4 Doha Bus Dune Killer

Starting price from $385,000 + GST.

Watch the Trakker model in action from Iveco Australia:

For a detailed specification sheet of the Trakker 4×4 Bus, click here

For a detailed specification sheet of the Trakker 6×6 Bus, click here